Mira Mar Gets New Yanmar Engines and Saildrives

The Volvo MD2030 engines and 130-S saildrives were getting too expensive to maintain.  The exhaust manifold / heat exchanger housing on the starboard side had already been replaced after a hole appeared in the casting.  Both engines were leaking oil. One of the saildrives had saltwater intrusion after only 20 hours of operation post-seal replacement, indicating a defect in the output shaft.  A new Volvo saildrive was going to cost almost as much as a new Yanmar engine and saildrive combined, so the decision was made to repower both sides with Yanmar 3YM30AE engines and SD-25 saildrives.

The work was performed by MultiTech Marine Services at Lauderdale Marine Center.

Out with the old.


New in the box.


The old engine beds had to be cut out and new ones glassed in.


In with the new.


New bottom job while the boat was hauled out.


Prop Speed on the Gori folding propellers.


New Yanmar engine control panels.


New engine control head – throttle and gearshift.


New Yanmar in place.


Ready for launch.

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