Reviews from our customers!

Julian A. - 7-day ASA 101/103 Lessons and Cruising - 03-09 June 2017

"Easiest way to say this is Captain Jeff Riecks is phenomenal. His teaching style is calm, cool, collected and adaptable to each student's needs. I learned so much without even realizing I was learning. Hands down he is one of the BEST instructors I have ever had. His skills in the galley are just as amazing and his attention to detail superb. My wife and I will continue to further our sailing knowledge and skills with Captain Jeff for years to come. P.S. He also has a great sense of humor, quick wit, and wealth of knowledge, experience, and love of sailing. Thank you Captain Riecks; Your friend, Julian A."

Nina L-C. - 7-day ASA 101/103 Lessons and Cruising - 03-09 June 2017

"So AMAZING! I came here 7 days ago knowing nothing and today I leave with the ability to understand this amazing boat, how she runs, and how I can run her. Thank you for being patient with me, for making me breathe and for always allowing me to mess up in order to learn. Julian and I could not be happier and we look forward to many years of sail trips and friendship with you Captain Jeff. Best Captain EVER!! Nina L-C."

Penni W.-  7-day ASA 114 Catamaran Cruise 03-09 May 2017:

"What a great week! Thank you for: great instruction, good humor, terrific meals and perfect hosting."

John W.-  7-day ASA 114 Catamaran Cruise 03-09 May 2017:

"Fabulous boat - love the cats. Received excellent instruction including MOB, points of sail, docking, reverse maneuvering.  Thanks for the great time and memories."

Steve Y.-  5-day ASA 103 Cruise 09-13 February 2017:

"My wife and I went on a 5-day cruise / instruction for ASA 103 with Captain Jeff and it was amazing!  From the gourmet food to the personalized sailing instruction, it was an all-around great experience.  I would recommend Captain Jeff and MiraMar Adventures any time!"

Lara Y. - 5-day ASA 103 Cruise 09-13 February 2017:

"I came into this excited to watch my husband learn to sail and I'm leaving ready to sail myself.  Captain Jeff has a contagious passion for the wind and the water.  Not only did we learn to sail a beautiful boat, but we learned a few things about ourselves.  I absolutely recommend this learning adventure and if you're not looking to learn, come enjoy the good food & sun."

BRIAN S., 14-20 JANUARY 2017, ASA 103/104/114:

"Looking to add to my sailing knowledge, I was glad I found Captain Jeff.   His catamaran, Mira Mar, showed extremely well; well-maintained and comfortable.  Jeff runs a tight ship, so we learned a thing or two outside of the ASA courses we were there to learn about.  I would recommend Captain Jeff to anyone looking to get out on the water in the Keys."

CAPTAIN RUSSELL H., 14-20 JANUARY 2017, ASA 103/104/114:

"I can 100% recommend Captain Jeff Riecks and his ASA training methods aboard his cat 'Mira Mar'. Even though I grew up on boats and have a fair amount of experience sailing, the 7-day live aboard and multi-course training I received in January of 2017 was a welcome refresher and eye opener of methods and practices of sailing and maintaining a catamaran. From engine and systems basics to sail trim, navigation, docking and MOB drills and more, I couldn't wait to start my sailing season again in Chicago and put these skills to work. Captain Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and accommodating. He serves up a delicious menu daily too! There is no roundabout way of saying it, between you and I, if you're wondering if you should take an ASA training course the answer is YES!"